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HIPAA – V5010 and ICD-10 – Timelines (at quick glance)

by on October 24, 2011

It is getting close to January 2012 where many companies are in final stages (some further a long than others) of preparing to go-live on the  HIPAA EDI  V5010 standard.   In addition to general segment changes,this will also support the upcoming mandate for ICD-10 that will allow more granularity of classifying procedures that is not only going to allow for the support of the many types of procedure codes, but benefit in the practices of disease management and prevent health initiatives.

The purpose of this blog is not to go into all the implementation challenges and details (We’ll save that for another post,  we can refer you to information already out there, or be happy to discuss in detail our own experiences as we have helped our clients prepare for these implementation dates).  So we will just share a few links for informational purposes:

Timelines:  (Key dates are the Jan 2012 for mandate for V5010 electronic exchange and Oct 2013 for ICD-10 compliance).

General Information (HIPAA):

General information (ICD-10): 

ICD-9 vs ICD-10 FAQ (This is useful general information that we found):

Where are you in your timeline?  Readers would be interested in hearing what successes and challenges you are having and where you are in meeting your implementation timelines. 


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