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Project Management, Integration, Performance Engineering and General IT Software and General Information Links

by on November 14, 2011

This is just a summary of some links to software and general IT links specifically around Project Management, Integration, Performance Engineering, and Development.  We firmly believe knowledge is power and it is important to share information.   This will likely be the first of many of these types of blog posts in an effort to share more information.  You will notice in the links below that there are links to both vendor specific solutions (i.e. WebSphere Message Broker) as well as Open Source or more light weight solutions.  There is not a one size fits all solution as many companies have different set of challenges with technology, people, and budget that often drive a specific solution.

Project Management:


MS Project –

Rational –

Open Source (OpenProj) –

PMHut Blog –


WebSphere Message Broker –

DataPower –

Open Source (JitterBit) –

Performance Engineering:

LoadRunner –

Shunra  –

Smart Bear / AutomatedQA –


Java/J2EE –

Mendix – Platform as a Service –


General IT:

Goliath – Monitor IT –

Gartner –

InfoWorld –

 — TransformaTech

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