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WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) Tips – Part 3

by on March 30, 2012

To continue with our theme of sharing 3-5 WebSphere Message Broker tips in short blogs.  This is part 3 of what I hope continues to be a valuable source of input and encourages the sharing of knowledge in this domain.  These tips are usually tips are related to current things we are experiencing at our clients and hope this continues to be valuable for the WebSphere Message Broker community.

1.  Use clearMessage() on messages created in WMB Java compute nodes.  This cleans up memory and is critical for flows that have complex message structures, repeating loops, and/or have a huge transaction volume.

2.  Increase page swap space on AIX when you have intensive in memory mappings and loops.

3.  You can leverage environment/local variables in  mapping nodes to be able to accomplish mapping tasks (a future post may include pros and cons of mapping nodes vs mappings in Compute/JavaCompute Nodes).  For now, I will leave you with 1 advantage of the mapping node is to simplify the integration making flows easier to support and maintain without expert programming, Java, and ESQL knowledge.

We continue encourage our readers to provide feedback/comments as well as contribute to our blog.

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