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SEO Tips – Simple, Quick, and Successful

by on May 23, 2012

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for all companies (especially for small to medium size businesses  trying to get their brand searchable and recognized).  There is a wealth of information on the internet on this topic and it is difficult to really understand what works and what is just trying to sell sometimes unnecessary expensive services to help you.

In this short blog, I want to share some very simple (although sometimes overlooked) tips that quickly helps your sites get recognized when performing searches and then provide a real world success story of applying these same tips.

SEO Tips:

1.  Know your users – when they are searching for your product or services, what will they type into a search engine (google, bing, yahoo, etc)?  You may be in an industry where these are known/common (i.e. if you live in Seminole FL and looking for a dentist, you may type “Seminole, FL Dentist”) or you may have brand/company where users know your company but not url (i.e. “Boulevard Dental”)

2.  Make your content relevant – Make sure you consistently include content in your website that matches the product/services you have and the relevent search terms for finding your website, products, or services.

3.  Do not overlook the HTML tags–  Make sure you have relevant, searchable, short “titles”.   Ensure your metadata (keywords and description) are also relevant to your products/services and consistent with #1 and #2

4.  Submit your site (for free) with search engines – Make sure google, bing, etc know you have a website or recently made changes.  Your site will eventually be found by search engine web crawlers and get indexed, but this will help get it known quicker.

5.  Link with Social Media – Create a blog, facebook page, LinkedIn account, twitter, and other social media platforms.  Make sure they are all linked, updated regularly (and consistently), and have links to your website.

You will also want to focus on your overall website design (i.e. how pages and content is linked together), creating a sitemap, and ensuring that when users find your site via search that your content is relevant to what they are looking for and your site is engaging.  It is one thing for your site to come up in a google search, what matters more is if users actually find your website, product, and services relevant and useful.

So, does the above actually work?  YES, and to share a very recent example, one of our clients, Boulevard Dental  ( has benefited from these simple tips.

Two months ago, had no content and was only a registered domain name.  If you searched their name (“Boulevard Dental”), their Dentist/Owner (Dr Chris Wujick), or location (“Seminole FL Dentist”) nothing would come up.  In less than 2 months these search terms now have their website at or near the top of many google searches.

It does not stop here though.  It is important to keep assessing and refining your website based on the above tips.  You do not want to see other sites start jumping you and you slowly lose your search position.

TransformaTech, Inc

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