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Comprehensive Monitoring Solution – Monitor IT – Easy to Use, Flexible, Scalable, and Cost Effective

by on July 18, 2012

There are a lot of Monitoring products available on the market ranging from light weight freeware products to more comprehensive, complex, and expensive enterprise scale Monitoring solutions.  As a consulting company and trusted advisor to our clients, it is important we balance our clients monitoring  requirements, budget, skill set, and the solutions available.

I recently discovered Goliath Technologies MonitorIT product that is a comprehensive Monitoring solution for virtual and physical environments.  When I first did research on the company and product, I read the following features that were posted on their website:

  1. Quick and Easy to Install
  2. Comprehensive Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring
  3. Flexible and Easy to Use
  4. Enterprise Functionality
  5. Cost Effective

A lot of companies market the same thing but many times I find out it is really “vaporware” so I really wanted to evaluate these features in a real world scenarios as I have a lot of clients looking specifically for a product that has these features.

#1 (Quick and Easy to Install) was easy to prove out in our internal labs.   Within an hour, we had it downloaded, installed, configured, and monitoring many of our Windows servers and immediately being able to leverage its out of the box capabilities of monitoring cpu, memory, diskspace, windows eventlogs, and other server statistics.   This included a very user-friendly web-based dashboard showing statistics and alerts as well as providing email notifications and ability to do remediation (i.e kick off scripts, restart processes, etc).

#2 (Comprehensive Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring) – There are 3 key components to comprehensively monitor your  virtual environments (1) getting statistics from hypervisor, (2) agents deployed to servers to get deep server and application statistics, and (3) monitoring physical servers and components (i.e. routers) that are around your virtual infrastructure.  MonitorIT supports all 3 of these to provide its Comprehensive Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring solution.   Also, to my surprise with (2), MonitorIT agents ran with very little overhead or impact to the system it was monitored.  Comprehensive Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring is an area that is of specific interest to me and all of our clients.  We are going to focus a future blog series specifically on this.

#3 (Flexible and Easy to Use) – Based on #1 and #2 above, I was ready to put this product to a true test at one of our clients to really see how flexible and easy to use it was.  Again, within an hour, we had MonitorIT installed, configured, and Monitoring a handful of servers.  This time using both Windows and Linux/Unix agents (AIX).   In addition, this clients specific requirements were to begin monitoring their WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) and SAP environments.  MonitorIT had out of the box flexibility to configure monitoring rules for monitoring these processes and their logfiles.  This allowed alerts to be displayed in their dashboard, provide email notification, and remediation.

#4 (Enterprise Scalability) – As I mentioned in #2 above, MonitorIT’s agents run with very minimal overhead and I have personally seen MonitorIT discover and begin monitoring on 1000’s of servers and devices.  All of this information is available in a very easy to use dashboard organized by Virtual Hosts, Virtual Machines, Virtual Storage, Physical Services, and Network & Storage Devices.  Agents can run on Windows or Linux/Unix and MonitorIT has great integration with VMWare vSphere and Citrix XenServer, and Microsoft Hyper-V.  It also has extensive reporting capabilities and data available for trending and analysis.

#5 (Cost Effective) – Goliath has done a great job at providing a comprehensive monitoring solution at a price just above freeware.  The current price is $100/component you want to monitor. 

Are these things too good to be true?  I started this off saying that many times I find out these products are vaporware.  Based on both in-house use (in fact, even as a small consulting company, TransformaTech bought licenses) as well as working with clients implementing MonitorIT, this solution is the real deal. 

To close this out and demonstrate a real world example, the following screen shots is from an actual clients use of Monitor specifically for initially Monitoring WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) servers (I crossed out server names and ip addresses for confidentiality reasons).

Image 1:  MonitorIT Dashboard Monitoring 6 Servers with WebSphere Message Broker Running


Image 2: MonitorIT Dashboard – Display after 1 WMB Broker (top right server in red) is stopped.  This also sent an email notification alert)


Image 3: MonitorIT Detailed Alert (after doubleclicking RED server)

Image 4:  MonitorIT display of just some of the server statistics)

 Image 5:  MonitorIT Dashboard view of history of WMB events/alerts that were captured from syslog

I look forward to comments and feedback based on your experience with MonitorIT or other Monitoring products.  You can comment on this post or send emails to

Thank you,

TransformaTech, Inc

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