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WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) Tips – Part 4 (Mapping Node Shortcuts)

by on October 4, 2012

This blog posting is dedicated to just provide a couple of shortcuts and tips when using the mapping node as they help reduce development time.

1.  Using user defined LocalEnvironment variables in mapping node –   There are many circumstances where you need to pass data in the LocalEnvironment when you need to enrich your data during mappings.  This is accomplished simply by dragging the LocalEnvironment.Variables.Wildcard into your target and then simply adding your specific variable name inside the “()”.

2.  Using built-in content assist to find and auto populate mapping node functions  –  This is sometimes overlooked, but a very powerful feature of WebSphere Message Broker.  When doing data manipulation during a mapping, there are many functions you can use within the mapping node.  The categories for these functions can be quickly listed when you hit “ctrl” “space” (see image below)

Next, if you select one of these categories, you can see all the functions available (for example, if you type “esql:” then it ctrl space, you will see all available esql functions you can use). 

We hope these couple useful features are valuable to you as you are leveraging WebSphere Message Broker.  Please feel free to comment or share your experience that are readers would benefit from.

Thank you,



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